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  • Max Balancer L4 Throughput Up To 26.2 Gbps

  • Max Balancer L7 Throughput Up To 25 Gbps

  • 1,000,000 L7 (http) requests per second

  • 525,000 L7 concurrent connections

  • 75,800,000 L4 concurrent connections

  • SSL Acceleration 2K Keys up to 20,000 TPS

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€ 19.850,00


The LoadMaster X25 load balancer provides the most complete high-performance application delivery platform with dual power supplies and RAID storage for enhanced resilience. The integrated hardware acceleration delivers up to 20,000 SSL transactions per second and an overall system throughput of 25 Gbit/sec. With 12 SFP+ ports and two 1Gbit ethernet ports, this load balancer can easily integrate with the most complex and demanding network environments.

Extra informatie

Feature List Nee
Technical Specs


  • 2 x 12 Core Intel Xeon Processor
  • 12 x 10Gb SFP+ Direct Attach Ports
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 2 x 1TB HDD (RAID)
  • 2 x 700W Redundant PSU
Model Number LM-X25
Max Balancer Throughput (Mbps) Nee
SSL Transactions Per/Second (TPS) Nee
Integrated SSL ASIC Nee
FIPS 140-2, Level 2 HSM Nee
Requests per second (HTTP) Nee
Layer 4 concurrent connections Nee
Max Servers Supported / Virtual Clusters Nee
Gigabit Ethernet Ports Nee
10 Gigabit Fiber Ports (SFP+) Nee
Rack-mountable Nee
Storage Disk Nee
Power Supply (Watts) Nee
Hewlett Packard ProLiant DL Nee
Dell R Series Nee
Oracle X4-2 Nee
Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY Nee
Cisco UCS C Series Nee
Layer 4/7 Load Balancing Nee
Content Switching Nee
Caching, Compression Engine Nee
IPS (SNORT-Rules compatible) Nee
MS Exchange 2010 Optimized Nee
L7 Support for MS Terminal Services Nee
Active/Hot-standby Redundant Operation Nee
Bonding/Teaming Ports (802.3ad/LACP) Nee
VLAN Trunking (802.1Q) Nee
Support for Edge Security Pack** Nee
Application Health Checking Nee
L7 Persistence Options Nee
Pre-configured Virtual Service Templates Nee
HA Configuration Supoprted Nee
Product Leaflet Nee
GSLB (Multi-site)† Nee
Balancer Throughput License † Nee
Web Application Firewall Pack (AFP) § Nee
TMG Replacement (SSO, Pre-Authentication, Security Logging) Nee
GSLB Multi-Site Load Balancing § Nee
Balancer Throughput License † Nee
SSL TPS License † Nee
Loadmaster Clustering Nee
FIPS 140-2 Encryption Nee
Application Access & Security Mgmt. Nee
Centralized Management, Analytics & Reporting Nee
Al-Enabled Monitoring and Remediation Services Nee
Web Application Firewall (WAF) Nee
GSLB (Global Traffic Mgmt.) Nee
Product detail & specifications Nee
Application Throughput 25Gbps
Gigabit Ethernet Ports 2
10 Gigabit Fiber Ports (SFP+) 12
SSL TPS (2K Keys) 20,000
L4 concurrent connections 75,800,000
LoadMaster Clustering Ja
Redundant Power Supply Ja
FIPS 140-2 Support ** Level 1
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  • 2 x 12 Core Intel Xeon Processor
  • 12 x 10Gb SFP+ Direct Attach Ports
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 2 x 1TB HDD (RAID)
  • 2 x 700W Redundant PSU