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LoadMaster LM-4000

LM-4000 Server Load Balancer – The LoadMaster 4000 provides optimized performance for high transaction web infrastructures and features:

  • 2 x 10G (SFP+) ports

  • 2 x 1GbE ports

  • 8 Gbps L7 balancer throughput

  • SSL TPS (2K Keys): 3,000

  • SSL TPS (1K Keys): 6,000

  • Servers Supported: 1,000 Physical /1,000 Virtual

  • L4 Concurrent Connections: 15,200,000

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€ 11.500,00



De LoadMaster 4000 Load Balancer is een geavanceerde application delivery controller met Layer 7 content switching en geïntegreerde ASIC-gebaseerde SSL versnelling. De LoadMaster verdeelt gebruikersverkeer intelligent en efficiënt en ontlast en versnelt Layer 7 toepassingen zoals SSL beveiliging en -inhoud, om web- en toepassingsservers te optimaliseren zodat gebruikers de best mogelijke ervaring krijgen. De LoadMaster 4000 geeft IT administrators meer controle en stelt hen in staat om zich gemakkelijk aan te passen aan netwerkwijzigingen door een optimaliseringslaag voor systeemelementen van toepassingen en servers ter beschikking te stellen. De LoadMaster 4000 garandeert dat iedere gebruiker de best mogelijke ervaring krijgt door 99,999 % hoge beschikbaarheid van toepassingsservers te bieden en elimineert de Server Load Balancer als single point of failure. De LoadMaster vereenvoudigt het management van systeemonderdelen in een netwerk en optimaliseert en versnelt de gebruikerstoegang tot verschillende servers, inhoud en transactiegebaseerde systemen. De LoadMaster 4000 levert een unieke combinatie van beschikbaarheid en prestaties voor kritieke servers en toepassingen.

Feature List

Feature List


  • Server Load Balancing (SLB) for TCP/UDP based protocols
  • TLS (SSL) acceleration and offload
  • Layer 7 content switching
  • Advanced application transparent HTTP/HTTPS caching
  • Optimized compression of static and dynamic HTTP/HTTPS content
  • Application level protection with Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • SNORT-rule compatible Layer 7 intrusion prevention system (IPS)
  • Up to 1000 virtual and 1000 real servers
  • IPv6 support
  • IPv6 - IPv4 bidirectional conversion
  • NAT-based forwarding
  • Support for Direct Server Return (DSR) configurations
  • Session reconnection for Microsoft remote desktop services (RDS)
  • Configurable S-NAT
  • VLAN Trunking (802.1Q)
  • Link interface bonding (802.3ad)
  • TCP/IP Multiplexing
  • HTTP/2 layer 7 proxy

Edge Security Pack

  • Microsoft TMG replacement
  • Pre-Authentication & SSO
  • Multi-Domain authentication
  • X.509 client certificate authentication
  • Custom login forms
  • Two factor authentication


  • Configurable TLS (1.0, 1.1, 1.2) and SSL (2.0, 3.0)
  • Support for EV (Extended Validation) certificates
  • Server Name Identification (SNI) support
  • Up to 256 TLS (SSL) certificates
  • Automated TLS (SSL) certificate chaining
  • TLS (SSL) Certificate Signing Request (CSR) generation
  • STARTTLS offload for mail protocols (POP3, SMTP, IMAP)

Health Checking and High Availability

  • ICMP health checking
  • Layer 7 checking against any target server port
  • Active/Hot Standby configurations for High Availability
  • Stateful Failover


  • Flexible administration options
    • Web User Interface (WUI)
    • SSH
    • Console
    • RESTful, JAVA and PowerShell APIs
    • VMware vRealize Orchestrator
    • Microsoft System Center VMM
  • Wizards for simplified deployment
  • Context based help (WUI)
  • Automation and orchestration via RESTful API
  • Real time display of performance and availability
  • Application templates for all major workloads
  • Console port for local administration
  • Remote syslogd support
  • Automated configuration backup
  • Selective restore of configuration
  • Connection draining for managed outages
  • Comprehensive logging and reporting
  • SNMP support
  • Diagnostic shell with in-line tcpdump
  • Configuration Change Auditing

Scheduling and Balancing Methods

  • Round Robin
  • Weighted Round Robin
  • Least Connection
  • Weighted Least Connection
  • Agent-based Adaptive
  • Chained Failover (Fixed Weighting)
  • Source-IP Hash
  • Layer 7 Content Switching
  • Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)

Session Persistence

  • Source IP (L4)
  • TLS (SSL) SessionID (L4)
  • HTTP/HTTPS Browser-session (L7)
  • HTTP/HTTPS WebClient-session (L7)
  • RDP Login ID (L7)
  • Port Following for mixed HTTP/HTTPS sessions

Security Functionality

  • Web Application Firewall
  • SNORT-Rule Compatible L 7 Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Permit /Deny Access Control Lists
  • IP address filtering
  • IPsec Tunnel support
  • DDoS mitigation, including L7 rate based attacks
  • IPSec VPN to Azure, AWS and vCloud Air public clouds
  • Authenticated NTP

Technical Specs

Technical Specs


  • Max Balancer L4 Throughput Up To 8.2Gbps
  • Max Balancer L7 Throughput Up To 8.0Gbps
  • 165,000 L7 (http) requests per second
  • 250,000 L7 concurrent connections
  • 15,200,000 L4 concurrent connections
  • SSL Acceleration 2K Keys up to 3,000 TPS
  • SSL Acceleration 1K keys up to 6,000 TPS

Hardware Specifications

  • Intel Quad Core Processor
  • 2 X 1GbE Auto-negotiating, Full Duplex ports
  • 2 x 10G (SFP+) ports
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Local admin via serial and VGA/USB
  • Dimensions: 426mm (W) x 365mm (D) x 44mm (H)
  • Weight: 17.6lbs (7.9kg)
  • 250W ATX power supply